Probate & Wills


Following the death of a loved one, many people do not immediately feel ready or able to deal with the many legal, administrative and financial matters which are necessary. Smyth Stapleton & Co. Solicitors appreciate the emotion and stress suffered by those who are left behind.

We will help you deal with all the relevant Government Departments, Banks, Building Societies, Inland Revenue/Revenue Commissioners and other Agencies. We will apply to the High Court for the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration on your behalf, enabling you to sort out the deceased's affairs with the minimum of fuss. 

We can also assist with the tax implications relating to the administration of the Estate.


We can assist you in making a Will so as to protect and provide for your loved ones. It will also prevent unnecessary distress and expense to your relations and loved ones which can often occur if a Will is not made. 

Everyone owns something and we all want to care for our loved ones after our death. Making a Will gives legal status as to what you intend to do with your assets or possessions. 

Making a Will can be straightforward, but more often than not, it can be more complicated than you realise. Smyth Stapleton & Company, Solicitors can guide and advise you through the confidential process of making a Will for the benefit of your loved ones. 

You should consider making a Will if: 

  1. You are married 
  2. You have children 
  3. You live with your partner 
  4. You are a homeowner 
  5.  You set up your own business or firm 
  6.  You are getting divorced or separated 
  7. You wish to leave some money/assets to your relatives 
  8. You wish to leave some money/assets to someone with disabilities. 
  9. You want to give some money/assets to a charity or a special cause. 
  10. You want to reduce the tax liability on your estate.

Probate & Wills - Tullamore